Balakrishna fires on NTR Dupe?

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Nandamuri Nata Simham action on silver screen is a visual treat for his fans and his high voltage action sequences made him as the messiah of masses.
According to the grapevine, Balayya fired on a person who came to the Dictator audio launch in Sr NTR’s get up. This man performed dance numbers of Sr NTR on stage and entertained the audience.  
After the performance he asked Balakrishna for a snap with him and at that time he put an arm around Balakrishna which made the hero furious. Balakrishna immediately warned him for his act and the people around them saw Balayya babu’s off screen emotion.
As everyone knows, Balakrishna and whole Nandamuri family is known for their dignity and decent behavior at public. Once again this incident proves Balakrishna won’t let the people around him to cross that line.

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