I am Very Sorry: Vinayak

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VV Vinayak is one of the best and highly talented technicians of Tollywood. He is the director on demand for upcoming Heroes as his films have the power to bring the mass image to the films.
However his recent film Akhil with Akhil Akkineni bite dust and also the high expectations resulted as a failure. In a recent interview, Vinayak apologized to Akhil and to the entire Akkineni fans for the failure of the film.
He admitted that some mistakes happened at the time of filming and at the same time he appreciated Akhil’s dedication for the film. However post release incidents of Akhil movie made director Vinayak to give away his remuneration as well.
In the end, Vinayak promised to the audiences that he wouldn't repeat the mistakes which he did in Akhil film.

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