Soggade Chinni Nayana Movie Review & Ratings

By - January 15, 2016 - 01:51 PM IST

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CAST: Nagarjuna, Ramya Krishna, Lavanya Tripathi
BANNER: Annapurna Studios
EDITOR: Prawin Pudi
MUSIC: Anoop Rubens
PRODUCER: Nagarjuna
DIRECTOR: Kalyan Krishna

Tagline: Simple & Sweet Family Entertainer - Watch it for Bangarraju!


Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) is a generous Zamindar yet a flirtatious and full of life man and Satyavathi (Ramyakrishna) is his beautiful, kind hearted and possessive wife. Bangarraju dies under suspicious circumstance when Satyavathi is pregnant. In the present, Ramu (Nagarjuna) (the son of Bangarraju-Satyavathi) and his wife Seetha (Lavanya Tripati) who share an unhappy married life fly down to India to inform Satyavathi and take divorce. Displeased Satyavathi shares the news with Bangarraju's photo and surprisingly Lord Yama sends Bangarraju's soul to earth for a crucial unfinished mission. What is the mission, how did Bangarraju's soul solve his death mystery and the problems at his home & his son's life forms the rest of the story.


Nagarjuna: This Tollywood Manmadhudu plays two roles of Bangarraju & his son Ramu with ease and panache. Especially the role of Bangarraju is a tailor made character for this Tollywood Manmadhudu. He is indeed a sheer Entertainer & show stealer.

Ramyakrishna: This exemplary actor is the biggest asset of this film. Nag-Ramyakrishna pair is absolutely endearing and nostalgic too.

Lavanya Tripati: She is homely and elegant in the film. She shares a sparkling chemistry with Nag and managed to grab eyeballs amidst Nag & Ramyakrishna.

Anasuya: With this film she proved that she isn't just lucky and gorgeous but in fact there's a promising actor in her.

Hamsanandi, Deeksha Panth: They come and go but leave you impressed.

Brahmanandam: The ace comedian is back with this film. We have been missing him from a while and this time  he entertaines wth an author backed role.

Anushka: Now this is a spoiler! She plays a brief yet adorable cameo as ''Krishnakumari' in the film.

While Nassar has a surprise for you, Sampath Raj plays the usual villain and Posani isn't a mere comedian this time. The rest of the cast including Vennela Kishore, Jhansi, Chalapathi Rao, Brahmaji, Ramakrishna, Raja Babu did a decent job.


These days we either get a mass masala commercial film or an offbeat entertainer. When the audience is missing a perfect family entertainer (with less people & family drama), Nagarjuna rightly pitches in his Soggade Chinni Nayana film this festive season.

It may not be a magical film but is indeed a visually pleasing film with full of life, fun, romance, a pinch of fantasy and sentiment (but not melodrama). When the film works, you don’t often look for the logic and this is exactly what happens with Soggade Chinni Nayana. The film set in a village backdrop is the tale of a flirtatious man trying to save his family. And interestingly the narration starts working right from the word go. It is naughty, funny and absolutely engaging whatsoever – due credits to director Kalyan Krishna’s characterization, dialogues and Satyanand’s screenplay. While Nagarjuna steals the show throughout with his dialogue delivery and mannerisms, the rest of the cast compliment his show and the narration does the rest. Of course, the antagonist wing and the conflict of the story doesn’t really make an impression but again, it’s the entertainment quotient that success in making it a convincing tale to watch.

While the first half sails off as a joyous ride, the interval rightly introduces to the conflict in the story (typical “interval bangs” and stuff are missing). The second half tries to deal with the conflict rather impressively without actually missing the entertainment factor. Without any really big deviation in the narration graph, the film conveniently walks off into the sunset.


- Characterization & Performances of Nagarjuna, Ramyakrishna, Lavanya Tripati.
- Engaging & Entertaining Narration throughout.
- Satyanand’s Screenplay.
- Situational Comedy of Brahmanandam supplemented by Saptagiri, Vennela Kishore & Brahmaji.
- Music and backgroundscore.
- PS Vinod’s top-notch Cinematography
- Lovely locales – commendable job by Art director Ravinder


The antagonist camp is weak & the conflict point is poorly dealt.
No big wow-factors and elements that can make it a heartwarming story.


Anup Rubens gave a melodious album which are well picturized indeed. The songs somehow drive us nostalgic with a typical SA Rajkumar tinge. Besides this, the background score deserves a special mention.


Soggade Chinni Nayana is a sweet and simple wholesome family Entertainer - a typical much expected Sankranthi film. If not for anything else, you can watch it for Bangarraju (Nagarjuna) alone.

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