NTR's Hover board Business Online

By - January 16, 2016 - 09:11 AM IST

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The essence of fashion and style for the common man comes mostly from the film industry and the stuff that heroes and heroines do. In lieu of that, a new trend is now catching up quickly with the youngsters and the reason for that is the young tiger Junior NTR.

Apparently, Junior was seen roaming around in the hover board in a song ‘I wanna follow you…’ in the movie Nannaku Prematho. That act struck a chord with many and now the demand for the hover board has picked up. With this device available in e-com sites, the buying is happening quickly.

In some of the noted malls of Hyderabad, the hover board rides are there for a price. One of the main reasons why this new craze came in is due to NTR effect. What remains to be seen is how long this craze will be there because buying this device is rather expensive.

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