Power Of Twitter Following

By - January 16, 2016 - 09:49 AM IST

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You know very well the power of media and the way it has been influencing our country. But now, an evolved version has come in the form of online media and especially the social media. Today, all it takes is just few seconds for one particular news to reach lakhs across the globe.

That is the power of social media and this is now being utilized wisely by some of the brands and they are roping in celebrities for the same. It is heard that recently the milky white beauty Taapsee has begun speaking about one particular brand on her Twitter handle and some felt it was for free.

But inside news now reveals this has been done for a cost and Taapsee has got a whopping ten lakhs for this tweet campaign. So, if you are having a sizeable number of followers and you have some popularity quotient then you can be approached by brands for promoting their products.

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