Tollywood Youngsters For Chandrabose's Blessings

By - January 22, 2016 - 04:33 PM IST

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If you are aiming to be flocked by the members of the film fraternity then the only way you can do that is through success. Just one hit is sufficient to make you a celebrity overnight and many would come to you. Of course, they have their underlying objective in that. It is for opportunities.

In that aspect, the noted lyricist Chandrabose has suddenly become the hot property for many Tollywood youngsters. The reason being, the North American Telugu Association (NATA) is going to have its annual gathering at Dallas in USA and this would take place during July first week.

Chandrabose is the brand ambassador for this gathering and even last year also he took up that position. As a result, now all are chasing him for opportunities and they are hoping that through his blessings, they will get the chance to visit USA and also make few extra stash of dollars.

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