30 Years Prithvi's Jovial Behavior

By - January 22, 2016 - 04:27 PM IST

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There are those instances in your life when you see a comedian in real life and find him to be rather serious and somewhat grumpy. But there are also those comedians who are jovial not just onscreen but even off the screen. One such person is 30 Years Prithvi.

Here is an example for that. Few years back, in one big bar one big party was happening. It was more like a private get together at a table. Among them, one guy was laughing very loud. He was continuously laughing and the person in next table got disturbed. He came walking fast as if he will come and hit the laughing guy.

The person laughing was just 25 years and the next table guy was 40 years old. Just when all were getting alert that a fight will happen, the 40 year old said “He is laughing out loud with his heart, don’t say anything to him, even I also feel the same.” That 40 year old man is Prithvi and that is his behavior. He was not very popular then but those who know him say he is very jovial and in full enjoyment mood.

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