Senior Actress calls Baahubali 'Stupid'?

By - January 24, 2016 - 05:12 PM IST

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Baahubali is a film that the Telugu film industry takes pride of. It is a film that showcased the stamina of Telugu cinema strength at international arena.

Well it is very common for any hit film to have certain criticism and even Baahubali is no exception. Coming to the news, popular veteran actress Jamuna made some sensational comments on Baahubali at a recent interview.

When she visited Rajahmundry on a personal work this Saturday she was quizzed by vernacular media. Answering one such question, she remarked that Baahubali as a stupid film with nothing worthy except technical brilliance. She also expressed her displeasure over the casting of the film.

Well the comments of this senior actress who has acted in numerous folklore films are creating ripples in the industry.

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