Balayya Vs Suriya: A Tension

By - January 25, 2016 - 10:13 AM IST

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Though the entertainment industry is all about creativity and original products, there are times when some of them clash due to same storylines or subjects. In lieu of that, a new tension is now making rounds in the Nandamuri camp. This has to do with the 100th movie of Nandamuri Natasimham Balakrishna.

It is known that Balayya is all set to commence the shooting of his prestigious venture Aditya 999. However, there are reports that one Tamil movie featuring the noted star Suriya might cause trouble. This is titled as 24 and this is slated to be a story revolving the time machine concept.

As such, Aditya 999 is also based on that fundamental and since Suriya’s movie is releasing first, some feel it could cause trouble to Aditya 999 in terms of story. For now, the ground work is happening for Balayya’s film so let us wish there is no similarity between his flick and Suriya’s flick.

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