Big Directors' 'No' To Budget Less Than Rs 50 Cr

By - January 26, 2016 - 06:06 PM IST

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There are a number of instances in Tollywood wherein the films got positive talk, good ratings from the critics and despite that, the film ends up unsuccessful. Such films are usually categorized into the ‘cost failure’ projects. As in, the budgets of these movies were over the limit.

Despite all the learnings, it appears that some directors don’t want to be flexible. This applies to some top range directors. Going by the trend, it looks like star directors don’t want to do a film unless the budget is Rs 50 crores. While that may be understood, the realistic aspect is the market stamina.

Not all heroes have the strength to recover something like Rs 50 crores along with profits. On the other hand, Tollywood market doesn’t really have that vast presence to churn out such a high figure for every other film. Let us wish the directors mend their ways and bring profits to Tollywood.

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