National Kissing Star On Twitter

By - January 27, 2016 - 10:44 AM IST

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Once you become an actor, based on the mannerisms and signature styles you show onscreen, you get branded. For instance, universal star Kamal Haasan ensures there is atleast one smooch scene of his with his leading lady in almost all his films. This got him named as national kissing star.

From a long time, Kamal has been vocal about many things but all this used to happen when he interacts with the media directly. But now it appears that Kamal has chosen to take a big step and make his presence felt in the social media.

Yes, the man has joined the much popular Twitter network on the eve of Republic Day. With this, his fans are delighted and are eager to see what Kamal will share in the following days. In case you would also like to follow him, his twitter handle is - @ikamalhaasan. Go for it folks!

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