Devotional Albums Get Life Now?

By - January 28, 2016 - 05:03 PM IST

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We are living in times when songs are heard or watched over the internet and nobody has the patience to even buy a CD. Also, the flood of songs is so high that you won’t even remember some of the albums. Given that situation, the position of the devotional albums is even bad.

But now, a new lease of life is going to come for the devotional albums and due credit for that goes to the Save Temples organization and its brand ambassador Dr Ghazal Srinivas. Sources reveal from now on, every year awards for those devotional albums would be held grandly.

The first prize winner would get 50k, the second 40k, the third 30k and consolation prizes of 10k each would be given. Also, the prizes would be given for the top 3 best singers male/female, top 3 best albums, best sound engineer and several other categories will be given consolation prizes as well. This is a tough task to complete because not many listen to audio but it is heard that Save Temples has got a radio channel named Aalayavaani so all contenders would be kept in that. The official announcement is expected soon.

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