Who Leaks These Personal Pics?

By - February 13, 2016 - 09:41 AM IST

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Your levels of excitement and curiosity double up whenever you get a chance to have a sneak peek inside the life of film celebrities. If it is a big star then that intensity is much higher. And then there are those times when some spooky attempts are made to leak few pictures.

Currently, a personal picture of megastar Chiranjeevi got leaked outside as he was attending a family related function. With this, many are asking how that picture came out. It is heard that this is not from media or any of Chiranjeevi’s opponents either.

The closest version which is being stated is just some relatives must have clicked the picture and they would have shared it on their Whatsapp. Eventually, it got leaked into websites. So, they just come out from home and there is nothing intentional. The private moments for some is looking nice but for some they don’t like it because they want their hero to be all decked up at all times.

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