Bada Producers New Camp in AP!

By - February 12, 2016 - 10:05 PM IST

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Big producers and distributors of Tollywood are in plans of expanding their business in the new born state of Andhra Pradesh.

Soon after the state bifurcation, Telugu film industry has been spreading its arms in both the Telugu states. And few key producers cum distributors who have strong hold in Nizam area are now making smart moves in the Andhra region. According to latest updates, ace producers like Dil Raju, Allu Aravind, Vamsi and others are planning to set up offices in Krishna district (once film capital) of Andhra Pradesh and grab a hold in the region.

From the past one year, producers are concentrating on the two Telugu states organizing pre-release promotional events, audio releases, platinum disc events, success tours etc. Now with stiff competition in the distribution field, the distributor, producer giants are planning accordingly to be the front runners in the game.

Looks like the new Andhra Pradesh capital region which was once the film capital of TFI (before shifting to Hyderabad) is redeeming its significance and stake in the business.

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