1st Film Without Makeup

By - February 19, 2016 - 03:44 PM IST

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Once you become an actor it goes without saying that the moment you face the camera, you are decked up with greasepaint. If you are an actress then the foundation makeup and other paints adorn your face. So, makeup is more or less a mandatory part of the acting job.

But there are those times and instances wherein some actors or actresses prefer to face the camera without a dot of makeup on them. And when the actress has a hot image, doing such a thing requires guts. One girl who has done that now is the seductively charming Anasuya.

After getting promoted to the silver screen from the small screen, Anasuya will soon be seen in the movie Kshanam wherein she has essayed the role of a cop. It is heard that this hot lady ended up without any makeup in few scenes just to bring that realism effect. Way to go Anasuya!

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