Trilingual Treat As Business Model

By - February 19, 2016 - 03:53 PM IST

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These days when a film is made, it is not about satisfying one’s passion or showing that admiration towards the craft. It is all about how best the film can be made into a success. There is nothing wrong in that because everything revolves around success and profits.

In lieu of that, various strategies are worked out and the latest trend is coming up with multilingual format. As such, the film is actually shot in two languages but it gets dubbed with the highest quality in the rest of the languages. This ensures the recovery of investment smoothly.

Most importantly, the making cost gets covered and if the film clicks then the percentage of profits also touches a new range. The challenge is, the subject chosen for making a multilingual should contain that universal appeal. One film currently preparing is Rudraksha by creative genius Krishna Vamsi.

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