Hottest Beauty Turns Item Girl

By - March 09, 2016 - 03:44 PM IST

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If becoming a heroine is one big challenge then grabbing projects after becoming one is even greater challenge. It is here that many talented and deserved beauties get washed away. But in the recent past, they have found an alternative which gives them enough limelight.

More than that, it also gives them good money with less effort. This is the route of doing special songs. This is one reason why even some of the top league heroines like seductive beauty Shruti Haasan, milky white beauty Tamannaah do not hesitate to do special songs for other hero flicks.

Now, one hot beauty has turned into an item girl. She is none other than Shruti Sodhi. She made her debut with the hit movie Pataas and after that, she disappeared. But now, Shruti will be seen in a special item song in the film Supreme alongside supreme star Sai Dharam Tej. Best of success Shruti!

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