Technicians Of This Film Diagnosed By Caste

By - March 09, 2016 - 04:10 PM IST

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Though it is not spoken much in the open but deep down the element of caste tends to play a key role in any industry in India. This is more in the cinema industry and even Tollywood is no exception to it. Right now one film is making hot news owing to the caste issue.

We are talking about the film Vangaveeti and few weeks ago, the song ‘Kamma-Kapu’ created a major rupture across both the communities. Now, inside news from the unit of the film reveals the technicians are being diagnosed by their caste.

The caste discussion has become open after that song and so it is heard that talks are happening such as how many Kapus, Kammas, Brahmins, Rajus, Reddys are there among the technicians. Well, all this analysis is happening from different entities of media and other people who are keeping track of this project. Strange but true!

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