Lavanya Going Hot

By - April 02, 2016 - 01:33 PM IST

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A very important thing to note after becoming an actress is to choose a certain path to shape your career. It could be a complete glamour doll or a performer or a homely beauty. Of course, there are also those beauties who tend to have the skills to manage all the three angles.

The lovely cutie Lavanya Tripathi has so far created an image of a demure and conventional beauty through her movies. However, it is heard that she is quite the opposite in real life. Recently, Lavanya was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly said she is a very chilled out girl.

Now, this pretty girl wants to show the hot side in her and feels that she would be happier if the audience can receive her as herself. While her intention is fine, what many say is Lavanya is blessed with a face that reflects a lot of innocence and cuteness so they are not sure how much her skin show would help.

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