Director's Shocking Comments on Baahubali

By - April 02, 2016 - 11:52 AM IST

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Rajamouli’s biggest production venture Baahubali got positive response all over but it doesn’t mean the film wasn’t subjected to criticism as well. A Telugu NRI named Annapurna Sunkara made a video criticizing Rajamouli for showing Tamanna’s character Avantika in quite poor light.

However, the film bagged national award for Best Film category recently but the criticism still continues!  A Punjabi filmmaker named Gurwinder Singh said that Baahubali doesn’t deserve such national honor and it was just a political stunt to bestow the award. He also said that in national award arena, regional films are getting terribly overshadowed.

Gurwinder also said that it is indeed sad to see even a qualified board like national awards is giving importance to commercial success. But he emphasized on the point that one day the jury will realize that art cinema needs more effort and talent than commercial cinema!

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