Navdeep's Joke Or Actual Act?

By - April 02, 2016 - 11:51 AM IST

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Yesterday was a rather interesting day because it was hard for many of us to figure out what was true and what was not. Well, it was April 1st and the All Fools Day. Taking that as the cue, many film celebrities also came up with some or the other prank which almost convinced their fans.

One came from the cat eyed talented hero Navdeep. He came up with a tweet which goes like this- ‘I planted a tree in the morning A Goat ate the plant at noon I ate the goat for dinner March ends! Accounts closed!’

Those who saw this tweet were in a fix whether it happened for real with Navdeep or was this just a regular prank. Well, it turns out that this was a joke making rounds across the web and Navdeep just put it on his handle as he found it funny. Also, it has to do with the financial year ending and not April Fool.

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