Legendary Directors in New Controversy

By - April 02, 2016 - 12:20 PM IST

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The neighboring film industry Kollywood always set a right example in being away from controversies and troubles. But these days, the equation seems to get reversed! Now, two brilliant filmmakers namely Bharatiraja and Bala are in a rift to make a novel named Kutraparamparai into a feature film.

Apparently, Bharatiraja was planning to make this novel into a film since ages and the story is centered in Pre-British India. Bharatiraja planned this film featuring legendary actor Sivaji Ganesan and Sarath Kumar in lead roles but with the former’s health getting worsened, the project was shelved.

After an interesting film Tharai Tappatai which is based on Tamil folk singers, Bala is showing interest to make the same story into film featuring Vishal, Rana, Arvind Swami and Anushka. Because of the differences between dialogues writers namely Ratnakumar and Vela Ramamurthy who work for Bharatiraja and Bala respectively,the rift is growing much more serious as days are passing by!

While both these filmmakers have their own worth and classy style of filmmaking, it is unfortunate to see such controversy take shape between them.

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