Robbery in Senior Actress' House

By - April 14, 2016 - 12:05 PM IST

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The yesteryear talented actress Rajasri has been relishing her retirement life in her residence in T Nagar, Chennai. She has paired opposite almost all the senior heroes of Telugu Film industry such as Sr NTR, ANR and Krishna in movies like Aaradhana, Atma Gouravam. Sadly, an unfortunate incident happened in her house recently.

Rajasri was robbed by a thief on Tuesday near her resident in quite shocking circumstances. Going into the details, Rajasri went to a bank near Panagal Park, T Nagar to get  her gold jewelry and a watch from her locker along with her son Srinivasan.

After taking the jewelry, the actress was in car while her son went to the ATM to withdraw cash. A stranger suddenly propped up and secretly threw a stack of ten rupee notes near the car. He asked Rajasri whether she was the one who lost the money.

By the moment Rajasri realized it was a thief, the stranger snatched her jewelry bag and escaped on bike. The bag contained 15 Lakh rupees worth of gold and Rajasri is distraught with the incident. She filed a police complaint in Pondy Bazaar.

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