Nagarjuna Introduces AR Rahman's Son

By - April 23, 2016 - 03:29 PM IST

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After becoming a celebrity in the film industry and creating your own brand, your obvious focus would be to groom your kids to ensure they follow the same path and upkeep your reputation. At the same time, the expectations from the audience are also high when such introductions happen.

This is the pressure star kids and celebrity kids always have to deal with. But on the bright side, their entry is often easy. This time, it is the turn of A R Ameen, son of Madras of Mozart A R Rahman. So far, Ameen has rendered his voice as a singer in Tamil movies under the music of his daddy.

Now, King Akkineni Nagarjuna has taken the onus of introducing Ameen to Tollywood. Ameen has sung a song in the new movie Nirmala Convent which is being produced by Nag. It is heard that he has rendered his voice in a melodious way. The music is by Roshan Saluri so let us wait to see if Ameen would meet the expectations or not.