Actress Vidyullekha's Name Popular Now

By - May 06, 2016 - 07:46 PM IST

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There are those times when you are watching a movie and you come across certain actors and actresses that impress you. However, it also happens that you don’t tend to remember their name because they come in the Character Artist or the padding artist category. This is more when the person is not from the same industry.

An example for that is Vidyullekha Raman. She hails from Kollywood and has a good recognition there. At the same time, she is also seen in quite a few Telugu movies and has proved her presence. Though she has entertained the audience many times, her name was not getting that due attention.

But now, one single incident has made her quite famous. Vidyullekha was touring in Austria when she lost her bag containing her passport, money and credit cards. Fortunately for her, the Indian Embassy in Austria came forward and gave her a travel permit. Keeping the hungama aside, this incident has certainly made Vidyullekha popular now.

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