Pawan Kalyan Follows Mohan Babu?

By - May 06, 2016 - 07:39 PM IST

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You would remember one movie wherein power star Pawan Kalyan says that he doesn’t follow the trend but instead he sets the trend. However, it appears that this time he seems to be taking some inspiration from a senior colleague. He is none other than Collection King Mohan Babu.

Apparently, Mohan Babu was seen in his original and real look in the movie Rowdy. Not just his characterization, even his body language and look received very positive response. Now, it is heard that Pawan would be following the same path for his new movie. This is going to be helmed by the Tamil director S J Suryah.

One update is that this is slated to be the love story of a factionist so Pawan’s Salt And Pepper look is to justify that character. Till date, you have seen the power star in the most handsome and stylish Avatar but watching him in his real look would be interesting. He would also become the first superstar in Tollywood to be seen like that onscreen.

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