Awards: Government And Private

By - May 06, 2016 - 07:43 PM IST

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These days you don’t really get surprised when you hear about awards events because there are one or two happening each month. But the reaction would not be the same when it is a government related awards event, especially the National Awards. This is the considered the ultimate platform for every artist.

Hence, it is also important to dress for the occasion and gel into the environment. Usually, the awards events which take place through a private entity expects the stars to be seen in their glamorous best. It is here that many actresses dress their sexiest best to grab eyeballs and shutterbugs.

At the same time, the National Awards event is considered more traditional because it also has dignitaries from various fields. Hence, one is expected to come in rather ethnic wear. Of course, there are also exceptions like the curly haired beauty Kangana Ranaut who was giving a complete cleavage feast as she received her National Award for the third time.

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