Finally Line Clear for A Aa

By - May 11, 2016 - 08:02 AM IST

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Though we are living in the times of multiple releases on a Friday fact remains that whenever a superstar’s movie is on the anvil, the other movies have no choice but to make way. Or else, they get wiped out without traces at the box office. And if it is a movie of Style Samrat Rajnikanth then the impact is more.

At the same time, when the film gets postponed it gives oxygen to the remaining movies and they immediately grab that slot. Currently, Rajini’s movie Kabali was scheduled to hit the screens on June 3rd but latest update has revealed it has been postponed to July 1. The reason behind this is not known yet.

As a result, many films which were shivering in the month of June are now rejoicing. Notable among them is A..Aa featuring youth star Nithiin and the cute smile queen Samantha which is now gearing up for a release on June 3. What remains to be seen is, the fate of those movies which are scheduled to release in the month of July.

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