Filmfare Vs SIIMA- Who Is Bigger?

By - June 08, 2016 - 03:08 PM IST

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The process of comparison between two things or individuals or events or companies is quite common in this world. The same applies to the entertainment industry too. In this regard, two events are now being compared and the agenda is, which among the two is bigger than the other.

We are talking about Filmfare awards vs SIIMA (South India International Movie Awards). As such, Filmfare belongs only to Bollywood and only those people will connect but SIIMA is related to all the four industries biggies and audience in the south and the audience and attention is more.

Every year it is being done in foreign locations in a grand way and the payments are on par with Filmfare rates. Sometimes it is better also as per Tollywood and Kollywood sources. SIIMA is pampering four industries and it is the biggest event plus SIIMA also gets Bollywood people. That way, though filmfare is just Bollywood and has attention here, SIIMA is bigger and has attention everywhere.

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