Case Filed on Mahesh's Villain

By - June 09, 2016 - 09:32 PM IST

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An FIR was filed on actor Ajaz Khan (of Mahesh’s Dookudu fame) for outraging a woman’s modesty. Going into the details, a case was filed by a model named Aishwarya Choubey against Ajaz Khan for allegedly sending lewd messages over phone and mentally harassing her.

 However this Big Boss 7 participant pronounces innocence and gave his version as follows-

“I am really saddened. I am being made into a punching bag. I met this girl at a party through an actor-friend Javed Rizvi (who was in the film Lakeer Ka Fakeer with me). That’s it. I’ve nothing more to do with her. If this is the way one gets repaid for being kind to a stranger then I’d advise all actors to not even say hello to newcomers out of kindness.’’

On the other side, Aishwarya Choubey approached Versova Police Station with a written complaint on Ajaz Khan stating that she is not doing this for publicity but only out of self-respect.

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