Comedian Praveen's Song Achievement

By - June 09, 2016 - 05:15 PM IST

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Your role as a comedian comes with a predefined expectation. You are supposed to come up with quirky expressions, throw few satires and punch dialogues and bring laughter to the audience. But recently one comedian has done something which has not been done by his contemporaries.

He is none other than Praveen and it is known by many that he is very talented with good timing in dialogue delivery. The unique feat by Praveen is he performed in the song ‘Yellipomake Syamala’ in the recent release A…Aa. In fact, it is a song which focuses more on him and that marks the start of the story.

Many decades ago, exclusive songs were shot on iconic comedians such as Relangi, Padmanabham, Rajababu and others but it almost became extinct after their era. But now, Praveen earned that rare honour. Of course, this song is a sad song but still it does have its own share of credit.

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