Ex Heroine Successfully Divorced

By - June 14, 2016 - 02:32 PM IST

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These days, the ratio of divorces has overtaken the marriages and sometimes the reason could be as silly as husband has not taken wife for a movie. There are also times when men can show their villainous side. Anyhow, what grabs headlines is when a film celebrity is going through a divorce.

One of the recent highlight divorce cases which took place in cine circuit is that of Bollywood heroine Karisma Kapoor and Delhi based industrialist Sunjay Kapur. A lot of mudslinging happened between both sides for many years and now the family court in Mumbai has granted divorce to both.

Inside news reveals that Karisma married Sunjay purely for his money and wealth while her lawyer has reportedly alleged Sunjay and his mother resorted to domestic violence on Karisma. While nobody knows the truth, at the end of it, Karisma has got a fat pay cheque that would help her lead a luxurious life as long as she lives.

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