H Fears In Bollywood Too

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When we speak about Indian cinema we are aware that the king is Bollywood and the type of budgets and collections Hindi movies make is phenomenal. While Bollywood is without doubt invincible in our country, even they are now getting scared of one foreign industry.

We are talking about the Hollywood circuit and their movies are posing a threat to the Indian movies. In the recent past, the likes of The Jungle Book, X-Men- Apocalypse Now, Captain AmericaCivil War, Angry Birds and even Conjuring 2 recently have created a storm at the Indian box office overtaking the local releases.

As a result, many Bollywood biggies are figuring out ways to beat this threat. They are certain that the only way to do this is through good content because we can never match Hollywood in terms of production values. Whenever a film comes with the right kind of content, it will surely work.

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