Rs 15 Cr To Promote A Film

By - June 16, 2016 - 03:45 PM IST

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You might have the best of a movie on hand with crowd pulling cast and crew but if you don’t do one thing your entire effort will go for a toss. We are talking about the promotions. If a film is not promoted rightly there is no chance that it can score success at the box office.

Many deserving movies have bitten the dust in this process. But promotions require budget and here is something about Bollywood. To make aware of a film’s presence, a minimum of 15 crores is required for promotions. And we are talking about a film which has been made at a budget of 6 to 8 crores.

Promotions at that budget only are possible because that is the amount of media presence and the territory to be covered. So, it is a very tough task to come up with a film in Bollywood and then promote it. Only those who have the right financial stamina can do it. If this be the case of lesser known movies you can imagine the promotion budget for big movies.