Why Producers Need Madhura Sreedhar?

By - June 16, 2016 - 03:38 PM IST

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It is not sufficient if you have the required amount of money in the cine circuit. You need to have the right kind of people around who are go getters and can achieve your task within the deadline. Such type of men are very rare to find but Tollywood has been fortunate enough to have one.

He is none other than Madhura Sreedhar. After directing few films, Madhura Sreedhar has entered film production and also as someone who can execute a project if producers invest. So why has he become the chosen one? Well, Madhura Sreedhar has few skills that not many around have.

He is impeccable in terms of Promotions, meticulous in his planning and as far as execution goes, he is unbeatable. Whatever project is entrusted to him, all parameters in terms of planning and promotion are met fully with satisfactory outcome. His latest offering is Oka Manasu and its buzz is a classic example of Madhura Sreedhar’s expertise.

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