Comedian In Catchy Role

By - June 20, 2016 - 10:31 AM IST

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Once you join the line of comedian, your job revolves around doing antics that brings laughs to the audience in theatres. As such, there is not much to experiment barring timing and expressions. However, some comedians try to break that barrier and attempt something different with their image.

For a long time, the senior comedian Ali used to do that. It is heard that he has never repeated a role and donned various characters like a she-man, a Malayalam dancer and many others. Now, another comedian seems to be taking his place. He is none other than Saptagiri.

Soon, Saptagiri is going to be seen in the role of a Chinese martial arts fighter and this is going to be the highlight of the movie Jakkanna. Recently the trailer was unveiled and more than Sunil, many found the scene of Saptagiri to be the highlight. If the role has worked out well then Saptagiri will reach a new range of success.