Confirmed- Tollywood Got Another Soundarya

By - June 20, 2016 - 11:23 AM IST

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Though the count of heroines is quite high in Tollywood and they keep changing very frequently, there are those rare breed of starlets who create a lasting impact on the audience. During the black and white era, it was Mahanati Savitri who created that legacy and she is remembered even today.

Similarly, the new age Telugu cinema saw the talented Soundarya ruling the roost. She was the darling of the family audiences and especially the ladies. After her unfortunate demise, many felt the awesome beauty Anushka was apt but once Anushka took the glamour route, her graph declined.

But now, one girl seems to be preparing to take Soundarya’s place. She is none other than the strikingly irresistible Niveda Thomas of Gentleman fame. Niveda has reportedly made it clear that she will never indulge in exposing and this is something even Soundarya was particular about. This is good news indeed.