'RM' Film Trailer Talk

By - June 20, 2016 - 09:34 AM IST

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The trailer of a film is more or less a precursor to the audience’s decision on whether they want to watch the movie or not. So, a trailer is cut in its best way possible. Right now, the litmus test is being taken by one movie. We are talking about the film Rojulu Maarayi.

The trailer got unveiled and the first marks go to the lead cast as their onscreen chemistry looks good. Since it is coming from the house of director Maruthi who is providing the story and screenplay, it is understood that this film is dealing with contemporary youth related issues.

The talk emerging from the trailer is, the screenplay looks energetic and the entertainment quotient also feels good. Few brownie points are being bagged by Parvateesam for his humorous characterization. As always, the leading ladies Kruthika and Tejaswi have attracted attention. Overall, the trailer has got passing marks.