Suma-Rajeev Kanakala's Son In 'Oka Manasu'

By - June 27, 2016 - 04:09 PM IST

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You would have seen hundreds of movies in your life but you may not realize till a later stage that one of the junior artists or friendly appearance artists happen to be from noted backgrounds. The latest release Oka Manasu had one such person whose background was not known for a long time.

Well, his name is Kanakala Roshan and he happens to be the son of actor Rajeev Kanakala and famous anchor Suma. He made his debut of sorts in the movie Oka Manasu featuring the handsome hunk Naga Shaurya and the mega daughter Konidela Niharika.

In one scene a teenage boy is seen serving liquor to actor Krishna Bhagawan and that boy is none other than Roshan. Already there is news that he would also be seen in the movie Nirmala Convent so it appears that Roshan is taking a conventional route of making his presence felt.

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