Superwoman Joke On Rakul's Saree

By - July 02, 2016 - 11:22 AM IST

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You need to have the right kind of fashion sense and dressing once you become an actress or else one false move can ensure everyone rips you apart. Bollywood has been crazy about designer outfits but in the recent past, even Tollywood heroines are coming in stunning stuff.
But there are times when such attempts evoke only jokes and laughter. This is something the sweet Punjabi lassi Rakul Preet Singh is experiencing right now. She is being called as a Super Woman with a tongue-in-cheek expression. And there is a valid reason behind that.
Apparently, Superman is seen wearing an underwear over his pant and the same has happened with Rakul’s saree. Usually a blouse is worn and then a saree but Rakul ended up wearing a saree first and over that a blouse. As fashionable as it may seem, it sure has not gone well with the viewers.