Pondicherry Govt Using Kabali Mania

By - July 02, 2016 - 11:24 AM IST

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With Superstar Rajnikanth’s Kabali getting all set for release, the promotional activities as well as the buzz surrounding the film has been reaching mountain high. The makers of Kabali are rigorously promoting the film in all areas and targeting youngsters with unique merchandise as well. Citing this, the government of Pondicherry has come up with a unique strategy to solve some social issues in the town!

The government of Pondicherry recently got a survey which said that out of 772 residences in the town, there are no toilets for nearly 447 of them. They have come up with a unique offer for all these owners who failed to have toilets! The announcement said that whoever builds the toilets would get Kabali tickets for free!

As there is no limit for Rajni’s craze in Tamil Nadu, this plan sure must be working greatly. Already, Rajnikanth was approached to be the brand ambassador for Swachh Bharat campaign in Pondicherry. So, things are going quite positive for Rajni now!