What is Sr Hero doing in Himalayas?

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There are many heroes in our vicinity and each hero has got a particular image in our heart. While we see some as romantic heroes, we perceive few others as mass heroes. And then there are the comedy heroes. In that aspect, there is also one category known as the family heroes.

Usually we cannot imagine them doing something out of their domain so it comes as a surprise when such a thing happens. The same surprise is now spreading across many cine buffs after looking at the action acts of one family hero. He is none other than Srikanth.

This family star recently set out on an adventurous and somewhat perilous trip along with his childhood buddies. Well, Srikanth went on a road trip to the Himalayas where he touched altitudes of 18000 feet with his vehicle. He has now returned successfully but the thoughts are giving goosebump experiences.

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