Fans Hurt With Kajal's New Look

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The bonding between a fan and his favorite hero or heroine is quite high and they take things very personally. Just like any star hero even the star heroines have their hardcore admirers and right now the fans of one heroine are somewhat heartbroken. Even you could be one among them.

We are talking about the saucy seductress Kajal Aggarwal and news is that the fans are hurt looking at Kajal’s lean look. They are feeling like this out of affection and say that if a particular movie or role requires it is okay but otherwise they are feeling bad about the whole look.

With due respect to their feelings, Kajal does look malnourished and all that healthy cheeks with that voluptuous sex appeal she showed has vanished without a trace. Let us wait to see if she decides to pile on few pounds and bring back the delight to her fans or not.

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