40 Year Old Hot Bombshell

By - July 12, 2016 - 08:56 AM IST

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As a woman, once you cross 40 most of you would be married with kids. Among them, there are certain ladies who belong to the ‘yummy mummy‘ category as they don’t really look like mums of kids. While this is the major category, there is also another set of women.

They touch 40 but are still single and can give a run to the hottest girls. Such ladies are usually found in the tinsel town and the talk now is about a 40 year old hot bombshell. She is none other than the bikini seductress Mallika Sherawat who has bounced back with a bang.

Though she is not seen much on silver screen, Mallika sure knows how to grab eyeballs and the best weapon is her deliciously hot body. Here again, Mallika has sported a two piece bikini and showed her material in the most tempting manner. From your end, you can just lick your taste buds.