Samantha In RGV Mode?

By - July 12, 2016 - 08:12 AM IST

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The name Ram Gopal Varma evokes only two types of reactions- love or hate. Normally, the percentage of those who love him is somewhat higher and those who are close to him say his ideology and thought process is rather infectious. But what you saw in the headline is a bit startling.

The cute smile queen Samantha is known to be an energetic and bubbly girl who is fun loving so from where did she get into RGV mode? Well, here is answer. The eccentric genius RGV usually reads books related to mafia, terrorism and he also speaks about them now and then.

Akin to that, Samantha is now recommending all her fans and followers to read one book. It is titled as ‘Rise Of ISIS’ written by Jay Sekulow. We all know how the evil tentacles of ISIS is spreading across the globe but such serious stuff coming from Sam is making many feel she is getting into a RGV mode. What say Sam?

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