Controversial Director's Comments on Pelli Choopulu Director

By - July 28, 2016 - 11:21 AM IST

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The sensational director Tammareddi Bharadwaj is known for his shocking comments and strong opinions on happenings in the film industry. He has now made a stunning comment on Pelli Choopulu’s director Tarun Bhaskar and stating that finally real men are coming to directorial front!

He said that by real men he means that directors with new vision, penchant for novelty and fresh ideas became a rare feat these days. But since few years, the emergence of new age films have caught him by surprise and also gave a new hope for aspiring directors who have no backing or support.

Tammareddi heaped praises on Pelli Choopulu and the team’s effort to bring a unique cinematic experience with shoestring budget. The film’s preview commenced recently and it has been getting greatly positive reviews.