Tension For Celebrities To Sing National Anthem

By - August 02, 2016 - 05:31 PM IST

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As Indians, each and everyone of us feel proud of our nation and we take it as a matter of privilege to sing the national anthem. Unfortunately, there are many film celebrities who are having the jitters of singing it lately. As such, we cannot blame them for having this tension.

Apparently, the national anthem should be sung in 51 seconds and pronunciation should be right. Given the fact that we don’t sing it everyday, it is obvious that few celebs tend to goof up. And when it goes wrong, some folks end up filing PILs against the celebs.

This is leading to a major headache. In the recent past, this is happening a lot because this gives a chance for the complainant to hog the limelight for sometime. As a result, the celebs are having some major tension so they are being cautious whenever they are asked to sing the national anthem during public events.