South India's Hrithik Roshan

By - August 02, 2016 - 04:15 PM IST

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Your popularity as a hero may rise based on your success track at the box office but your real impact as a hero is formed when you do some memorable roles. Mega Powerstar Ram Charan is always remembered for his role in Magadheera. Same is the case with Prabhas for Baahubali.

Similarly, the Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan struck a chord across the masses with his role as Krrish. This avatar of Indian superhero created a major stir. Now, it appears that even south India is getting one Hrithik Roshan albeit in terms of the role.

We are talking about Nikhil Kumar and he is the son of Karnataka minister H D Kumaraswamy. Nikhil is making his debut with the movie Jaguar and recently the teaser got unveiled. Those who saw the getup of Nikhil in that said he reminds Hrithik’s getup in Krrish a lot. Let us wish Nikhil gets the same success as Hrithik then.

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