Financiers Queue Behind This Producer

By - August 02, 2016 - 04:25 PM IST

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Unless you are a seasoned producer with many hits in your kitty, you cannot really pump your own funds into a movie. It is here that the financiers come into the picture. However, they are tough nuts and would like to associate with only those with business acumen.

One producer who has now become a hot property in financiers circuit is Raj Kandukuri. Many have begun showing interest to join hands with Raj. Apparently, financiers show inclination to work with successful producers. It is not just them but also the heroes and heroines.

That is more of a sentiment because they feel that particular producer’s hand is lucky. Currently, Raj Kandukuri is in that situation. As a result, it is heard that the budget for his next is going to be high because financiers are lining up for Raj Kandukuri.