I don't know why he compared this film with Bommarillu: Allu Sirish Interview

By - August 03, 2016 - 02:21 PM IST

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After a long gap, the young mega hero Allu Sirish is finally back with a fun film Srirasthu Subhamastu along with homely beauty Lavanya Tripathi. The film is all set to release this Friday and here is an iQlik exclusive chitchat with the hero:

Hello Sirish..

You had a long gap for this film after Kotha Janta. Why is it so?
I was injured in between and couldn’t attend shootings regularly. Moreover, I also waited for a good subject. When Parasuram narrated the story to me, I was impressed and asked him to improve on the same line. Before that we thought of another project but it didn’t materialize. This film fortunately struck well and the output came good.

What is Srirasthu Subhamasthu all about?
This film is an emotional drama with a good love story, family values and largely revolves around the point of respect for women.

What changes can we expect in you as an actor now?
My maturity levels have increased and I also worked on modulation and dialogue delivery. The main reason for this improvement is working with senior actors on set. They encouraged me through and I can never forget the support I got from them.

Any special aspect from this movie which you want to share?
I tried doing comedy in this film and realized that it is my biggest strength!

Your brothers are all mass heroes. How do you compete with it?
Yes they are but I don’t want to fall in the same league. I want to look special and hence select family oriented scripts and love stories.

What about Dances? Mega heroes are expected to dance flawlessly!
(Smiles) Yeah..I am just fine with dance and I know there is lot of scope to improve.

Your uncle Chiranjeevi compared Srirasthu Subhamasthu with the youth classic Bommarillu. Why is it so?
I really don’t know why he compared the film with Bommarillu might be because the storyline is totally different. However, the common thread is an emotional drama and our film has it. We would be happy if it is as successful as Bommarillu.

You initially started off working off the screen as a producer but suddenly turned a hero. Why?
I never wanted to become a full time producer as I was always passionate about films.

Is it because heroes get stardom?
Not at all. I saw my family at home and realized I have the same zeal as them in movies. I never tried for fame or stardom either.

How was it working with director Parasuram?
He is very talented. I am lucky to work with him. Parasuram is a great dialogue writer and my next directors would be happy to work with me because he moulded me well.

Is it true your next movie is relevant to the period film Magadheera?
Yes but it is not a big scale like Magadheera. The film is about rebirth and has a period drama but with out huge sets or extravagance. The story is relatively simpler but yes...falls in the same genre.

How was it working with Lavanya Tripati?
She is somebody who doesn’t belong to this generation! Her dedication levels are mind blowing and she is class apart. I am really fortunate to work with good co-stars like Yami Gautam, Regina and now Lavanya.

There is a talk that the film’s budget has exceeded?
No. My dad will never let that happen. We spent where it is needed.

Okay.. thanks and wish you the best for Srirasthu Subhamasthu!
Thank you!